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Hmm, Tripod has changed some things since I last did anything in November. My cute little quote generator has gone poof for instance. I'll probably take time over the summer to fix it, and maybe do some regular updating. Not that anyone actually looks at this page besides my father and me, and my husband whenever he notices he's been logged out of his own Tripod account. But hey, if everyone else is going to babble quietly to themselves on the web, why not me? Assuming my renewed interest lasts for more than this particular brief period of insomnia. Email address has been updated, and my father's web page address.

The policy of the American government

is to leave their citizens free,

neither restraining nor aiding them

in their pursuits.

Thomas Jefferson

Here are my links.

Learn about the drug war and my hero, Peter McWilliams.

You can email me, woo-hoo! Lesley Stevens.

Here is a picture of my husband and me, courtesy of my dad!
Me and my husband, Andrew
This is a picture of clown loaches. I have five and they are my favorite. Take a look at the rest of my fish.

I work nights as a taxi driver, and I am currently attending Kirkwood Community College studying to become a veterinary technician.

Lesley Stevens

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